Positive and Negative Contributions of Cell Phones

Innovation has led to the development of electronic gadgets that have had a positive impact on the lives of people. The cell phone is among the greatest innovations that have had both positive and adverse effects. Cell phones have changed over time from large and expensive devices afforded only by the rich people to small and affordable gadgets. People can communicate with each other effectively by using cell phones. There are various ways in which cell phones have positively contributed to the lives of people.

Positive Contributions of cellphones

1. Ease of Communication

Ease of communication is possible through mobile phones. In the olden days, people used to communicate physically. People had to meet or send messengers to deliver messages. Alternatively, people used to write letters, which took longer to convey messages. Presently, none of these ways of communication is used, apart from letters. How is this possible? Mobile phones have orchestrated this change. Now, a person does not have to travel long distances to convey a message. A simple phone call or SMS service will make this possible. People across continents are now communicating and transacting business efficiently.

2. Learning Efficiency

Mobile phones have made learning in institutions easier and efficient. Mobile phone manufacturers are developing gadgets that are internet enabled. Through the web, people are accessing a broad range of books and journals. These books are downloaded and stored in the mobile phone. The mobile phone is equipped with programs, which assist the learner read the documents directly. In fact, a student can record a lecture and later listen to the record or assist another student who might have missed the class.

Alternatively, people are using Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to transfer data such as class notes among themselves. This makes learning very easy by eliminating activities such as printing and photocopying of class material.


Negative Contribution of cellphones

1. Usage by criminals

Not all people use mobile phones for the right purpose. Criminals are using mobile phones to coordinate their activities due to the simplicity of communication. Governments are also being accused of committing offenses by spying on the conversations people make through cell phones. In this manner, the right to privacy is violated.

2. Spread of Hate Speech

One way through which mobile phones are being used to the detriment of the society includes the spread of hate speech. People are interacting with each other through social sites on the internet. This has made people from all walks of life interact freely. Due to the nature of these relationships, people with ill motives now use the social sites to incite others. In most cases, incitement results in violence, loss of property, and death.

In the 2016 USA election, the country became divided along political lines. After Donald Trump won the election, violence was reported in many towns across America. The major contributor to this violence was incitement through social sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, and Twitter. Interestingly, most people access these sites through their mobile phone.

3. Facilitate Criminal Offenses

Mobile phones have been used to perform criminal offenses such as stealing. The criminals of modern times are using mobile phones to plan and execute crimes. The criminals are using cell phones to notify their peers where law enforcers are and what they are doing. In this way, it becomes challenging for the police and other law enforcers to arrest such characters. Criminals are also notifying each other about possible targets through mobile phones.

Escape strategies are communicated, making it harder to track them down. In some cases, people are being blackmailed by criminals through mobile phones. For instance, a person may receive a deceiving text message about a particular event. In this way, duress may be applied to the victim to extort money or information.

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