ShoutOut was an iPhone app that allows users to talk with the people physically around them. It wasn’t much more than chat room for sharing pictures and meeting new people. The developers put their sweat and blood into this app, hoping that it would be the next YikYak. Sadly, it didn’t. (I wouldn’t be writing this post if it did.) Maybe the idea was too simple, or maybe they just didn’t have enough luck. Either way, this website is no longer in use and I have an itch for starting a blog about what I love. Maybe this blog will be more successfully than the original app.

This rest of this post will serve as an archive of an attempt to create something great.

Form groups with friends, or connect with strangers. ShoutOut allows you to create and join chatrooms based on your interests and location. Stay anonymous or share your identity. You can private message users you meet while chatting and make your own password-protected chatrooms.

With ShoutOut, users can create chatrooms with a location and radius allowing anyone within range to join and start chatting. Want to find out where the best parties are? Need to find a study group for that exam coming up? Join a local chatroom and see what’s going on.

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